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Elaborating Proposals
I have supported value creation for businesses in Switzerland in a number of successful proposals with Innosuisse. I am happy to evaluate the feasibility of your proposition in both technical and business aspects and to collaborate in proposal writing.
Collaborating with foundations
I have successfully collaborated with foundations such as Hasler Stiftung, Wyss Foundation and Schweizerische Maligne Hyperthermie Vereinigung.
Support in chosing the right partners
Choosing appropriate partners for software development is a key factor for success. I can support you in creating and evaluating tenders.
Developing Software
I have developed solid mobile and web applications for over 15 years within multiple domains. I am ready to collaborate with you.
Writing Specification
Writing a viable specification is the first phase of any successful software project. I can support you.
I can review all the aspects of your software, project or business idea. I have also served as an expert in court.
I have a group of creative thinkers around me, who are willing to support my business.
Work with me.
Get in touch with me to understand how we can work together and how I can provide the assistance you are searching for.
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