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Designing, developing and reviewing secure and innovative mobile and web solutions

Ulrich Fiedler

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fiedler, is a professor at Bern University of Applied Sciences since 2006. He teaches Mobile Operating Systems with a focus on Android. He has worked in the domains of human medicine, veterinary medicine, forestry, wood construction, architecture, electronics and the food industry.

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An institution, a company, a manager or entrepreneur in need of services in the IT field.

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You are in search of an expert in the field of digitization. Someone who works with forward thinking, is innovative and focused on aspects that make the difference, and who develops software with solid and up-to-date technology.

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Solid workflow

Ulrich Fiedler works following modern business development and design techniques and develops software with the Agile SCRUM paradigm, efficiently adapting the methodology to foster the project realization and the stakeholder's goals.
He uses the cloud to deploy containerized applications and tools like Jira and MS Teams to manage the project and the communication.

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